Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Calendar

So, I posted our calendar. It's probably a lot more than most of you need to know. However, for those planning trips over the winter months you can see when we have folks here and when we don't. Hopefully this will avoid confusion as my brain gets more mushy!

Let me know when you want to come and I'll put it on the calendar too!

Oh yeah, here's the de-coder for the calendar...

Orange = Everyone
Green = Tom
Purple = Ali
Blue = Garrett
Pink = Lilly

As with everything in our life, dates subject to change on the whim of Uncle Sam!

Gearing Up!

Well, we've taken a big step! We've got a blog and now we have to keep it going! We are so excited to share the things we do and the pictures we take with our family and friends out there. If you catch me slipping behind, feel free to send me an email prompt. Something makes me think I'll be getting pretty busy here in a few months! ;)

Also, the calendar takes up a lot of room. So once it isn't needed anymore, I'll pick a better background. For now, it's a little bare.

We love you all!
Tom, Ali, Garrett, Baby Lilly & Gator