Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wow! Where did February go?!?!

Garrett does such a great job of being a big brother!

Garrett and Tom braved the weather last weekend to go tide pooling at Salt Creek. Unfortunately, the tide didn't cooperate! Garrett came home soaked to his knees!!

We kept bugging them. He was so cute. He read to her until she fell asleep there and then he just kept on going! (Notice the thumb in the mouth!)

I took this one on our way out the door to pick up Tom. Isn't she cute?!?

So, it has been a busy month! Tom is home and we are all so happy! Garrett is doing great in school and doing a spring soccer camp twice a week. Lilly has given us one big belly laugh (we keep trying to get more) and just started pushing up on her elbows this morning! Here are a few pictures of the kids this month! Love you all!

Oh My It's Bow-mania!!

Auntie Amber (being in house with all boys - except Molly the dog) decided to make Lilly some bows. Did she ever do a great job!! Here are a few of her masterpieces!