Thursday, October 31, 2013

My! How Time Flies!!

Ha ha ha! I just read our last post... Every week? What was I thinking?? Anyway, the fall has be beautiful here in Portlandia! Lots of sun and we have really just started having those crisp, cool fall mornings. (Although, the weather man says the weekend is going to be soggy. Boo!) Nora and I ended our summer off with a quick trip back to North Carolina for my cousin's wedding fun. We got to see some of my old Chapel Hill friends and our good friends Wendy and Vivian too. It was a quick trip. Thank goodness Nora is so laid back!! We (mostly me) got to hit up some old haunts from my NC days... ever been to Sunshine Biscuit Kitchen? No? Well then I'd like you to meet the friend chicken and egg biscuit. (Yes, it is for breakfast!) We all went to Seattle for a long weekend with my sister Jen and niece Julia in September. That's right, we hit up ANOTHER carousel and watched the G-man play some soccer too! Lilly is getting really good at riding her "push bike." Notice it doesn't have any peddles. It turned out to be a great way for her to get around Seattle... She is a pretty big city savvy rider too! Garrett got to climb the Pinnacle Climbing Wall at REI's Headquarters. He did a pretty darn good job! Tom made a quick trip to San Francisco in October to see his cousins, catch up with some childhood buddies, and see a football game (Dang! Those are good seats!!) While Tom was away, my friend Kris and I took the girlies (dogs included) to the beach! It was a gorgeous, warm day!! Lilly got to soak up some of the Indian summer with a few extra bike rides... here she is with Mt Hood in the distance. We ended up the month with a couple (one in the rain, one in the sun) of trips to the pumpkin patch... We did some carving last weekend Tonight we hosted a going away party for our friends and had one last Halloween picture on North Geneva Ave before we went trick-or-treating... When it was all over Lilly laid out her candy and said, "this is the most candy I've ever seen!" She was so excited. It was really, really cute! In the end, it has been a great fall! We've been very busy, but in a good way. I promise, I'll try to post more often!! :) This is Lilly with her friends Julia (left) and Heidi (right)!