Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well, I let the whole first third of the year sail by without a post! Here are the promised pictures... We've had a lot of fun. Lilly and I went to Oklahoma in February and got snowed in with my mom for a couple of days! We also spent some time with Nana and Papa and met up with some friends for a (typically OK) 70 degree day in the park! All in the span of 7 days! We took Tom's mom to the coast with us to celebrate Garrett's 10th birthday at the beginning of April. We also got some early Easter egg hunting in... Little did we know, we'd be too sick to Easter egg hunt on the day! Well, enjoy the pics and I promise (no, really this time) to be better the rest of the year!!

Oh yeah, I put some more Christmas pictures in the album so go back to that post if you'd like to see some pictures from our Christmas trip to Iowa!

Love you all,
The Mahaneys